Other Subject Areas

Ethnic Minorities; Gays and Lesbians

Over the past three decades the library has purchased widely in religious subjects relating to ethnic minorities and gays and lesbians. The collection is not intended to be comprehensive, but to represent fully the many associated issues. Particular attention has been paid to African American Christianity and to Christianity and homosexuality.

Philosophy and Psychology 

Research-level collections in philosophy and psychology are in Widener Library and other Harvard libraries. Few secondary works are collected by Andover-Harvard, except for books on '[Subject] and religion' and religious studies in general. A basic reference collection is provided, as well as sets of such important philosophers and psychologists as Kant, Feuerbach, Emerson, Marx, Freud, and those of earlier centuries, including ancient Greeks. Collecting in these areas is primarily in English. A few monographs and periodicals are in German and French.

Folklore and Mythology

The major research collections in the areas of folklore and mythology are at Widener Library. Important supplementary collections can be found at Tozzer Library (on indigenous religious traditions) and at the Harvard-Yenching Library (on East Asian religions). 

World Religions

In the recent past, Andover-Harvard Theological Library has collected more materials on general, comparative, and phenomenological studies in religion, but for the most part the library has only a working collection related to the teaching program in world religions. Material is limited to English texts and secondary material. Some selective titles are in French and German. These limitations reflect the fact that in-depth research collections in world religions are held at other Harvard libraries.

Andover-Harvard has a limited working collection of Judaica and Hebraica and assumes responsibility for acquisitions in these fields only to meet the reading, reference, and instructional needs of the Divinity School community. The library acquires selected Hebrew reference works, such as standard editions of the Bible, Mishnah, and Talmud, and encyclopedias and dictionaries. This is also true for the periodical collection in the area. The major collection on Judaism is in Widener Library's Judaica department.

Andover-Harvard does assume responsibility for all works in western languages on the Hebrew Bible and on the biblical and intertestamental periods. This includes materials on the Essenes, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Ebla, and all related studies. Widener Library maintains the major research collection in non-Hebrew Semitic languages, although Andover-Harvard duplicates some works to supplement its collection in biblical studies. Andover-Harvard is also responsible for collecting in depth, primarily in English, in the area of Jewish-Christian relations and related fields.

The major research collections for other world religions (for example, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Bahaism, Theosophy) are at Widener Library and the Harvard-Yenching Library. Andover-Harvard maintains a working collection of current books needed in the teaching program in world religions and a strong historical collection in theosophy. Material is limited to English texts and secondary titles, with some selective material in French and German.