Unitarian Universalist Institutional Records



The American Unitarian Association (AUA) and the Universalist Church of America (UCA) merged in 1961 to form the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). The Andover-Harvard Theological Library holds the records of these three institutions and their related organizations. Most of the records listed under the AUA and the UCA precede the 1961 merger date, but in some cases there is overlap with the records of the UUA. If you are looking for records that were created around the time of the 1961 merger, it is best to search the records of all three organizations. There is also a category entitled Records of the Unitarian Universalist Merger of 1961, which includes records that relate to the merger in very specific ways.

Using the Collections

All collections are stored off-site and must be requested at least two business days in advance (see How to Use the Collections). Every collection is identified with a bMS number. In most of the finding aids, the bMS number is followed by a slash and a box number. Please note the bMS number and box number of the collection you are interested in, and contact Special Collections (617.998.1424 ) to inquire about the collection or to make an appointment.