Reverends Caroline and Edward Barney
Reverends Caroline and Edward Barney

The library has a wealth of pictorial resources in printed and archival sources.

Photographs, engravings, etc., of historically Universalist clergy and laity are filed in the Minister and Lay Leader Files (bMS 900); this collection also contains photographs collected by the library of the Universalist Historical Society and photographs donated to the library. Some of the photographs came from the collection of Harry Lee and Mary Grace Canfield. This collection is arranged alphabetically by name. Additional photographs will be found in the Records of the Universalist Publishing House, 1862-1961 (bMS 369), beginning with box 26. The photographs in this collection were, for the most part, used in the Christian Leader/Universalist Leader in the 1940s and 1950s (with the date of publication noted on the back of the photograph).

Photographs, engravings, etc., of historically Unitarian clergy and some laity, as well as Universalist clergy in fellowship with the American Unitarian Association and clergy who died after the merger, are generally found in the Inactive Minister Files (bMS 1446). They may also be in the Minister and Lay Leader Files (bMS 900), or in both collections.

Photographs are also found in some of the individual collections of Personal Papers.

There is a small sample of phots of people in the library's Flickr collection.

If you identify a photograph that you would like copied, see the library's Digital Reproduction Policy for further information. If you are unable to identify a photograph, please contact a research librarian. If you are interested in donating photographs to the library, see the guidelines for Donating Manuscripts and Archival Materials.