Incunabula in the Andover Harvard Theological Library

1475 to 1498


Not after 1475
Guilelmus Peraldus, 13th cent.
[Summa de virtutibus]. [Basel: Michael Wenssler, not after 1475]
[430] leaves; 31 cm. (fol.)
Summa seu opus de virtutibus. Tractatus morales de virtutibus.
Initials, paragraph marks, capital strokes, and underlinings added in red.
Contemporary blind-stamped leather over wooden boards, rehinged and repaired; brass clasp plates nailed to back cover, latches on front; fragment of pigskin thong remains, clasps gone.
Pasted down inside front cover is a MS legal document in Latin dated Basel, 28 January 1447; inserted as a lining-leaf at end is a vellum leaf of 15th-century Latin MS (lives of saints?).
MS ownership notation in lower margin of [a]1r, 'Bibliothecae Roggenburgensi'; bookstamp 'dem Kloster Roggenburg' on [pi]2r; MS inscription on blank [pi]1r, 'J. E. Carpenter Esqr with the compliments of J. H. Luers Bishop of Fort Wayne 1842'; autograph 'C. C. Carpenter. April 12, 1876.'
Safe folio Z243 Perault



Pius II, Pope, 1405-1464.

Aenee Siluij Piccolominei qui & Pius secundus fuit Epistole in Cardinalatu edite Lege foeliciter.
[Rome: Bartholomaeus Guldinbeck, ca. 1477]
[88] leaves (leaf [1], [88] blank); 20 cm. (4to)
Initial spaces, one with guide-letter, not filled in; without rubrication.
Bound in 19th-century paste-paper boards; edges stained red.
Blank leaves not present.
Walsh S-1373; Niedner 1171.

Safe Z243


Hugo, Argentinensis, ca. 1210-ca. 1270.
Compendium theologicae veritatis.
[Strassburg, Martin Schott, not before 1481]
12 p. l. cxxix (i.e., cxxviii) numb. l. 29 cm.
Begins [c]2r: Incipit prologus in compendium theoloyce veritatis.
Signatures: [a8,b6,c8,d-k8 6,l-t8 6,u8] ([a]1,[b]6,[c]1,[u]8 blank).
Capital spaces, some with guide-letters.
Number xxv omitted in foliation.
Wrongly attributed to Albertus Magnus.
Includes the tabula of Thomas Dorniberg.
Full modern calf, with remains of contemporary calf front cover preserved; metal clasps of front cover preserved.
Blank leaves not present.
R.B.R. folio BT20.H9 1481

Capreolus, Johannes, ca. 1380-1444.
Eximij veritatis schole professoris fratris Joannis caprioli tholosani ordinis pdicato[rum] liber secundus defensionu theologie diui doctoris Thome de aquino in secundo sententiaru felicit' incipit.
[Venice, Octavianus Scotus, 1483]
f0. [727] p. 31 cm.
Eximij veritatis schole professoris fratris Joannis caprioli tholosani ordinis pdicato[rum] liber secundus defensionu theologie diui doctoris Thome de auino in secundo sententiaru felicit' incipit.
Pt. 2 of Hain *4410; Proctor 4580; GW 6032; BMC V.278; Stillwell C116.
Colophon: Impressus Uenetijs per Octauianu scotu modoetiensem anno salutifere incarnationis. M.cccc.lxxxiij.
Printer's mark in red (Husung 198) on recto of tt7.
GW transcribes 'capreoli' & 'secudus' in the caption on a2.
Signatures: [-]4, a-z8, 12, 8, 8, aa-rr8, ss6, tt8 ([-]1 & al blank, [-]1 wanting). For a description of vols. 1,3, & 4, not present here, see GW.
Full contemporary blind-stamped pigskin; remains of metal clasps; large illuminated initial at beginning of text on a2.
R.B.R. folio 604.7 C25.4qu 1483


Gerson, Jean, 1363-1429.
[Opera. Prima pars-tertia pars. Inventarium].
[Strassburg: Johann (Reinhard) Gruninger], 1488.
3 v.: ill., ports.; 33 cm. (fol.)
: Inuentarium eorum que in operibus Gersonis cotinentur. [V.1.1a] Inue[n]tariu[m] eoru[m] que in ope=/ribus Gersonis cotinentur. [51a. TITLE] Prima pars operu[m]/ Johannis Gerson. [227b. COLOPHON] Prima p[ar]s ope[rum] m[a]g[ist]ri Joh[ann]is gerson sa/cro[rum]l[ite]ra[rum] doctores resolutissimi [Christ]ianissi=/miq[ue] [com]plecte[n] tractat[us] ac p[otes]tate[m] ecc[l]a/stica[m] [con]cerne[n]tes finit felicit[er] an[n]o d[omi]nice na -/tiuitatis. Mcccclxxxviij. Mensis vero se=/ptembris ydus quarto quarto. [V.2.1a. TITLE] Secunda pars operu[m] Johannis/ de Gerson doctoris christianissimi. [285b. COLOPHON] Secu[n]da pars ope/rum domini Johannis Gerson doctoris/ christianissimi.continens precipue o opu=/scula ad mores acco[m]mdata. Explicit feli/citer. Anno nostre salutis. Mcccclxxxviij.Nonas vero Julij mensis quinto. [V.3. 1a. TITLE] Tertia pars ope[rum] Iohannis de/ Gerson doctoris christianissimi. [359b. COLOPHON] Finiunt opera can/cellarij parisie[n]sis doctoris christianissimi magistri Joha[n]nis de gerson. que vt fruge[m]/ lectori vberrima[m] ferant emendatissima li=/ma castigata fuere. Anno domi[ni] M.CCCC./lxxxviij. Idus vero mensis Septembris. octavo.
Edited by Johann Geiler von Kaisersberg and Peter Schott. Second edition of Gerson's works; first illustrated edition.
Proctor assigned the printing of these volumes to Johann Pruss, but Pollard (BM, 15th cent, I, p. 169) says that the edition 'was probably printed by Gruninger, but cannot be assigned to him with complete certainty.'.
Date from colophon.
Woodcuts attributed to Albrecht Durer. Woodcut of a pilgrim passing a castle, holding a coat-of-arms (showing the sun, moon, stars, and a winged heart with the letter t on it) in one hand and a staff in the other on the verso of each title page.
Printed in double columns, 53 lines and head line per page; spaces with guide letters left for capitals.
Foliation is irregular with multiple duplication. Signatures:v.1. A-F86 G8 a8 b-i86 k6 l-o86 p6 q-y aa86 bb8 cc-hh668 ii6 kk-ll8 (ll8 blank); v.2. A10 B8 C-O86 P-S68 T-V6 X8 Y6 Z AA-PP68 AA-SS6; v.3. aa-mm86 nn8 oo-rr86 ss-tt vv-xx6 yy-zz Aa-ZZ ab-ad86 ae-af8 (af8 blank).
A mixed set with vols. 2-3 bound uniformly and vol. 1 differently. Vol. 1 has initials added in red and blue, paragraph marks in red; vols. 2-3 have a few large initials added in red, blue, green, and brown, others in red or blue, paragraph marks in red. Vol. 1, contemporary blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards; brass clasps attached to pigskin thongs, latches on front cover; vols. 2-3 contemporary blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards; brass clasp plates on back cover, latches on front, clasps gone; fragments of pigskin thongs. MS notation on aa2r in vol. 3, 'Convent[us] Ratisbon. Ord. Praedm.'; engraved bookplate of the Dominicans at Ratisbon in vols. 2-3.
Imperfect: title page (A1) wanting in vol. 2.
Safe folio Z243 Gerson 


Anselm, Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1033-1109.
Opera: tractatus beati Anselmi archiepiscopi cantuarien ordinis sancti Benedicti.
Nuremberge: per Kaspar Hochfeder, 27 Mar. 1491.
[182] leaves (leaf [182] blank); 27 cm. (fol.)
Imprint from colophon. Includes an exchange of letters between Peter Danhauser and Johannes Loffelholz.
A few initials and paragraph marks added in red, but most spaces, with guide-letters, not filled in.
Bound in 17th-century blind-stamped pigskin; brass clasps with pigskin thongs attach to pins on edge of front cover; initials 'F. S. A. L.' (i.e., Frater Stephanus [Mosinger] Abbas Langheimensis) stamped on front cover.
MS notation 'Langheim a0 1641' on title page.
Imperfect: sheet [pi]2 wanting; blank leaf not present.
Walsh S-819A
Safe Z243 Anselm

William, of Ockham, ca. 1285-ca. 1349.
Quotlibeta septem: vna cum tractatu de sacramento altaris.
[Strasbourg: Printer of the 1483 Jordanus de Quedlinburg (Georg Husner), after 6 January 1491]
[154] leaves (leaf [154] blank); 28 cm. (fol.)
Contents: Quodlibeta septem (a1r-r8v) -- De sacramento altaris (A1r-F5v).
Tractatus venerabilis inceptoris Guilhelmi Ockam De sacramento altaris. De sacramento altaris.
Place of publication and date from colophon; printer from Goff.
Divisional title-page (leaf A1r): Tractat[us] venerabilis Inceptoris Guilhelmi ocka[m] de sacramento altaris.
First colophon (leaf r8v): Imp[re]ssa Argentine Anno domi[ni] .M.cccc.xcj. Finita post Ep[ip]h[an]ie d[omi]ni. Second colophon (leaf F5v): Impressus Arge[n]tine anno d[omi]ni .M.ccccxcj. Finitus p[ost] festu[m] Epiphanie d[omi]ni.
Signatures: pi6, a-f86 g-n6 o-r68, A-F6 (F6 blank).
Text in double columns, 51 lines per column.
Initial spaces, with guide-letters, not filled in; without rubrication.
19th-century vellum; leather label on spine.
Includes index to the Quodlibeta septem (pi4r-pi5v).
Safe folio Z243 Ockam 


[Biblia latina]: Prima[-quatra] pars postilla Fratris Nicolai de Lyra de Ordine Minor ...cum addit[i]onibus Pauli Episcopi Burgen, replicisq[ue] Mathie Dorinck cumq[ue] textu plano incluso.
Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 12 April, 1493].
4 v. ([424], [338], [318], [352] leaves): ill. (woodcuts and illuminated incipits); 34 cm. (fol.)
Imprint from colophon (v. 4); date expressed in Latin words and numbers.
Leaf 318 of v. 3 is blank; leaves 1 and 352 of v. 4 are blank.
Includes Lyra's Quaestiones Judaicam perfidiam in Catholica fide improbantes (at end of v. 4).
Initials, paragraph marks, and capital strokes added in red.
17th-century blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards; brass clasps fastening to pins on fore-edge of front covers; pigskin thongs; edges stained blue; stamped on front 'F.S.A.L.' (i.e., Frater Stephanus [Mosinger] Abbas Langheimensis, the founder of the Langheimensis, the founder of the Langheim library; cf. Katalog der Handschriften der Koniglichen Bibliothek zu Bamberg, bearbeitet von Dr.Friedrich Leitschuh I [Bamberg, 1895] 1: 406). MS notations 'Langheim 1641' partially erased from title pages of vols. 1 and 4, but still faintly visible.
Imperfect: vol. 2 wanting and replaced with the corresponding volume of the Basel, 1506-08 edition; in vol. 3, leaves B8, C1, F8, G1, and blank RR8 wanting; blank leaves not present in vol. 4.
R.B.R. folio 307 Lat.  1493

Hemmerlin, Felix, ca. 1388 or 9-ca. 1458 or 9.
[De nobilitate et rusticitate dialogus et alia opuscula].
[Strassburg: Johann Pruss, ca. 1493-1500].
[4], CLI (i.e., CLII) leaves; 28 cm. (fol.)
Leaf CXXVI repeated; XXVIII, XL, XLVII, LXXXI, CXIIII, CXXX, and CXLII misnumbered XXIX, LX, LVII, LXXXII, CXIII, XCCIX, and XLII. Edited by Sebastian Brant.
Bound with same printer's edition of Hemmerlin's Opuscula et tractatus (after 1497).
Large initials on A2r and a1r added in red and blue; initials elsewhere, paragraph marks, and occasional capital strokes added in red.
Bound in 18th-century sheep (scuffed), edges stained red.
MS ownership notation on title page of the work bound with this one: 'Ignaz Graffinger Decanus ad Gradus B: Mariae Virginis 1729'; and another on pi2v: 'Graffinger Decanus ad Gradus B.M.V: Coloniae 1732'.
Safe folio Z243 Hemmerlin


Holkot, Robertus, d. 1349.
Opus super Sapientiam Salomonis. Robertus holkot super libros Sapietie.
[Hagenau, Heinrich Gran, 1494]
[483] p. 31 cm.
Signatures: A8, B6, a8, b6, c8, d-e6, f-x8.6.6.6, y6, z8, A-C6, D -L8.6.6.6, M6.
Colophon: Hoc opus ... impssum in imperiali oppido Hagenowe. Anno incarnationis dnice millesimoqdringentesimononagesimoquarto.
Contemporary blind-stamped calf over wooden boards (repaired); corner-bosses & clasps wanting.
R.B.R. folio 604.7 H73.4sup 1494

Nicholas, of Lyra, ca. 1270-1349.
Repertorium in postillam famosi et egregij doctoris fratris Nicolai de lyra super ve. & no. testa. --
[Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1494]
[310] p.; 23 cm.
Full 16th century vellum, stamped with the arms & device of the monatery of St. Michael the Archangel in Metten.
Signatures: A-T8, V4 (V4 blank).
Colophon: Reperto[m ] summa cum diligentia auscultatu[m ]: ac solertia & impensis famosi necno[n ] industriosi viri Anthonij Koberger Ciuis Nuermbergen[um] ... finit felicter, xviiij Aprilis. Anno d[omi]ni[a ]e incarnat[ion]is Millesimo quadringentesimo nonagesimoquarto.
R.B.R. 604.7 L99.4por 1494


William, of Ockham, ca. 1285-ca. 1349.
[Fol. 1a tit.: - Dialogus magistri Guillermi de. ockam doctoris famosissimi. - Fol. 1b Jo. Ba. Ascensius. Religiosissimo atque doctissimo viro: Joani de trittenhem ab / bati spanhemensi ordinis sancti benedicti de obseruantia bursfeldensi: psidio / suo atque decori dulcissimo. salutem plurima dicit. Data est ep.:
Ex Lugduno pridie ydus septembrias: huius anni. MCCCCXCIIII. (1494). - In fine Fol. 286a: - Et hec de tertia parte dialogo 4 pro / nunc tibi sufficiant.
Lyon: Johannes Trechsel, not before 12 September 1494]
[10], CCLXXVI, [12] leaves; ill.; 28 cm. (fol.)
Dialogus magistri Guillermi de ockam doctoris famosissimi. Dialogorum libri septem adversus haereticos. Compendium errorum Iohannis papae XXII.
Includes, with secondary signatures, his Compendium errorum Iohannis papae XXII. Edited by Jodocus Badius Ascensius.
This copy has 'errorum' on BB6r.
Initial spaces not filled in ; without rubrication.
Contemporary blind-stamped pigskin, painted black, over wooden boards ; marks of clasps, latches, and center and corner bosses, no longer present ; chain hole in back cover ; 'Bib: Nor:' (i.e., Bibliotheca Publica, Nuremberg) booklabel on title page.
Safe folio Z243 Occam 


William, of Ockham, ca. 1285-ca. 1349.
[Opus nonaginta dierum et dialogi, compendium errorum contra Iohannem XXII. - Fol. 1a tit.: - Sumaria seu epitomata. CXXIIII Capituloru opis / XC dierum M. Guilhelmi / de ocka diligeter collecta. - Fol. 2a: - Summaria seu epitomata opis nonagita / dieru M. Guilhelmi de ockam. - In fine Fol. 152a, col. 2.: - Cui 'qde. dyalogo p magrm Iohem Trechsel artis impssorie solertissim u / diligeter impsso: hmoi additioes: quata maxi / ma fieri potuit accuratoe castigate: adiuncte].
[Lyon: Johannes Trechsel , 16 July 1495]
[152] leaves; 28 cm. (fol.)
Includes the Litterae of Michael de Cesena. Edited by Augustinus de Ratisbona, with a poem by Jodocus Badius Ascensius.
Initial added in red and/or blue, paragraph marks in red or blue. 19th-century blind-stamped calf.
With this is bound another copy of the Compendium errorum Iohannis papae XXII properly belonging to the Dialogorum libri septem (see Walsh 3791).
Safe folio Z243 Occam

William, of Ockham, ca. 1285-ca. 1349.
Tabule ad diuersas huius operis magistri Guilhelmi de Ockam sup[er] quattuor libros s[e]n[tent]iaru[m] a[n]notat[i]o[n]es: et ad ce[n]tilogij theologici eiusdem co[n]clusiones facile reperiendas apprime conducibiles.
[Lyon: Johannes Trechsel, 9-10 November 1495]
[454] leaves; 30 cm. (fol.)
Tabulae ad diversas huius operis magistri Guilhelmi de Ockam super quattuor libros sententiarum annotationes. Edited by Augustinus de Ratisbona.
Imprint from colophons. First colophon (leaf X10r): Impressum est autem hoc opus Lugduni p[er] M Iohanne[m] trechsel alema[n]num: viru[m] huius artis solertissimum. Anno domni [sic] nostri .M.CCCC.xcv. Die vero decima me[n]sis noue[m]bris. Second colophon (leaf BB8r): ... diligenter impressi per .M. Iohannem Trechsel alemanu[m]. Lugduni. Anno d[omi]ni .M.cccc.xcv. die vero nono nouembris.
Signatures: 1-38, a-z8 aa-hh8, A-H8 I6, K-P8 Q6, R-V8 X10, AA-BB8.
Text in double columns, 55 lines per column.
Initial spaces, with guide -letters.
Woodcut printer's device (Meyer 67) red-printed on leaf X10r. 'Centilogiu[m] theologicu[m]': leaves AA1r-BB8r.
Includes a prefatory letter and poem by Jodocus Badius Ascensius.
Printed on sheets of 'chancery'-size paper.
Original printed edition.
Initial spaces, with guide-letters, not filled in; without rubrication.
Bound in 16th-century blind-stamped pigskin over reverse-bevelled wooden boards; brass clasp plates nailed to back cover, latches on front, one clasp with pigskin thong remains; spine painted gray, with added MS title and shelfmark, at a later date.
MS ownership notation of the Jesuits of Dilligen on title page: 'Collegij Socis IESV Dilingae.'
Safe folio Z243 Occam

LIber uite. Biblia cum glosis ordinarijs: et interlinearibus: excerptis ex omnib9 ferme Ecclesie sancte doctorib9: simulq[ue] cum expositioe Nicolai de lyra: et cum concordantijs i margine. [fol. 1509 recto:] Incipit libellus editus per magistru Nicolaum de lyra .. in quo sunt pulcherrime questiones iudaica perfidia in catholica fide improbantes. [fol. 1512 recto:] Glosa ordiaria vna cu postill' p ... Bernardinu gadolu ...
Venetijs: p Paganinu de paganinis: [April 18, 1495]
4 vol. ([1512] leaves): ill. (woodcuts); 35 cm.
The 'glossa ordinaria' by Walafridus Strabo, the interlinear gloss by Anselmus Laudunensis.
Biblia cum glosis. Iber uite.
Printer's mark on t.-p. Publisher's imprint on folio 1398.
Includes at end Nicolaus de Lyra, Contra perfidiam Iudaeorum. With the glossa ordinaria of Walafridus Strabo and others, the interlinear glosses of Anselmus Laudunenis, and the expositions of Guillelmus Brito. Edited by Bernardinus Gadolus, Eusebius Hispanus, and Secundus Contarenus.
Imperfect: Harvard has only about half the book, bound in two volumes: leaves numbered 423-666 (with 436-38, 508, 538, 550, 607, 634, and 637 misnumbered 435-37, 408, 537, 555, 594, 642, and 638) and 1189-1398 (with 1216, 1230, 1232, 1283, 1285-86, 1307, 1386, and 1390 misnumbered 1219, 1229, 1240, 1278, 1385-86, 1308, 1387, and 1399).
Initial spaces, with guide-letters, not filled in; without rubrication.
Old vellum, badly worn and crudely rebacked; in two board cases.
R.B.R. folio BS 75 1495

[Biblia integra: summata: distincta: accuratius reemedata: vtriusq[qu] testamenti cocordantijs illustrata.] [Basel: Johann Froben, 27 Oct. 1495].
[1013] p.: ill.; 17 cm. (8vo)
Signatures: AA8, BB4, a-y8, A-Z8, Aa-Mm8, 2A-E8 (2A1 blank). Initial signature sequence for 'Historiarum' in reverse order (AA4, AA3, AA2, AA1).
Colophon on Mm8: Finit p Johannem Froben de Hamelburgk ciue Basilien. Anno dni. M.cccc.xcv. sexto kalendas nouembres.
Title transcribed from G.W. Includes a revised version of the tabula of Gabriel Brunus.
Contains:Historiarum; Summarium; Sanctus Hieronymus interpres biblie; Epistola sancti Hieronymi ad Paulinum; [Veterus Testamentum] including Apocrypha; [Novum Testamentum]; Interpretationes nominum hebraicorum.
Imperfect: lacks title-page. Initial spaces with guide-letters, not filled in; without rubrication.
Contemporary blind-stamped leather over wooden boards, rebacked and extensively repaired; brass clasp plates on back cover, latches, clasps, and thongs gone; in a cloth case.
MS notation at top of AA4r, 'Ex dono patris nostri dni Joan. Morot' and at bottom, 'De Conuentu Minimoru Auallonensium'; mutilated bookplate of Lothrop Withington inside front cover.
R.B.R. 307 Lat 1495b

Raymond, of Sabunde, d. 1436.
Theologia naturalis sive liber creaturarum specialiter: de homine et de natura eius inquantum homo, et de his que sunt ei necessaria ad cognoscendum se ipsum & deum, et omne debitum ad quod homo tenetur et obligat[ur] tam deo [quam] p[ro]ximo.
Imp[re]ssus Argentine: per Martinum Flach ..., [21 Jan. 1496].
[162] leaves; 29 cm. (fol.)
Imprint from colophon; date expressed in Latin words.
'Tabula alphabetica': leaves 2-[6].
Signatures: 6, a8, b-y6, z8, &6, ?8.
Initials, paragraph marks, and capital strokes added in red; rubricator's date '1498' beneath colophon.
Half vellum and wooden boards; brass clasp plate on back cover, latch on front, clasp and thong gone; title in ink on front board; strips of 15th-century vellum German MS used to strengthen inner hinges.
'Langheim a0 1641' in MS on title page; occasional Latin MS marginalia.
Safe folio Z243 Sebonde

Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni, 1463-1494.
Com[m]entationes Ioannis Pici Mirandulae in hoc uolumine co[n]tentae: quibus anteponitur uita p[er] Ioanne[m] fra[n]ciscu[m] illustris principis Galeotti Pici filiu[m] Co[n]scripta. Heptaplis de opere Sex dierum geneseos. Apologia tredicum quaestionum. Tractatus de ente & uno cum obiectionibus quibusdam & responsionibus. Oratio quedam elegantissima. Epistolae plures. Deprecatoria ad deum elegiaco carmine. Testimonia eius uitae & doctrinae. Exibunt prope dies disputationes aduersus astrologos aliaq[ue] co[n]plura tum ad
sacra aeloquia tum ad philosophiam pertinentia.
Bologna: Benedictus Hectoris, 1496.
2 v. in 1; 31 cm.
Colophon at end of v.1: 'Opuscula haec...impressit Benedictus Hectoris...Bononiae Anno Salutis. Mcccclxxxxvi. die uero. xx. martii.'; at end of v.2: 'Disputationes has...impressit Benedictus Hectoris...Bononiae anno salutis. Mcccclxxxxv. [i.e. 1496] die uero. xvi. iulii.'.
Printer's mark at end of each vol.
'The concluding sentence of the title of part i, together with several phrases in the editor's letter on 1b of part i, clearly shows that part ii had not yet been published when part i appeared and that the date in the colophon of part ii should therefore read 'Mcccclxxxxvi' instead of 'Mcccclxxxxv'.'--BMC.
Vol. 2 has title: Disputationes Ioannis Pici Mirandulae litterarum principis aduersus astrologia diuinatricem...
Imperfect: 2 unsigned leaves at end of v. 2, containing errata, wanting; blank YY10 in v.1 & blank L4 in v. 2 wanting.
R.B.R. folio 17.355 P598.1 1496

Hemmerlin, Felix, ca. 1388 or 9-ca. 1458 or 9.
Clarissimi viri Iuriumq[ue] doctoris Felicis Hemmerlin cantoris quondam
Thuricen[sis] varie oblectationis opuscula [et] tractatus.
[Strasbourg: Johann Pruss, after 13 August 1497]
[2], CXXXII leaves: ill.; 30 cm. (fol.)
Edited by Sebastian Brant.
Imprint from ISTC.
In another ed. (GW 12187), the Elegiacs of Sebastian Brant here printed on pi1v-pi2r are dated:Idibus Augusti [13 August] 1497.
Signatures: pi2 A-Y6. Errors in foliation: leaves XXVI, XLIIII, LVIII-LIX, LXVI misnumbered XXV, XLIII, LIX-LX, LXV respectively.
Title-page woodcut depicting the author with 4 hornets.
Printed on sheets of 'chancery'-size paper.
Bound with the same printer's edition of Hemmerlin's De nobilitate et rusticitate dialogus (ca. 1493/1500).
Large initial on A1r added in red and blue; initials elsewhere, paragraph marks, and occasional capital strokes added in red.
Bound in 18th-century sheep, badly scuffed; edges stained red.
MS ownership notation on title page, 'Ignaz Graffinger Decanus ad Gradus B: Mariae Virginis 1729,' and another on [pi]2v, 'Graffinger Decanus ad Gradus B.V.M.: Coloniae 1732.'
Walsh S-214A
Safe folio Z243 Hemmerlin 

Jerome, Saint, d. 419 or 20.
Opera Diui Hieronymi in hoc volu[mine] co[n]tenta.
Venice: Giovanni and Gregorio de' Gregori, 1497-25 August 1498.
[845] leaves (leaves 637, 670, and 710 blank): ill.; 36 cm. (fol.)
Divi Hironymi Praesbyteri Praefatio in explanationem Esaiae prophetae incipit ad Eustochium virginem. 1. Vita Hieronymi. Hebraicae questiones. Explanationes super duodecim Prophetas minores. 1497 -- 2. Explanationes super quatuor Prophetas majores. Matthew. Mark. Galatians. Ephesians. Titus. Philemon. Proverbs. Ecclesiastes. Psalterium iuxta Hebraicam veritatem. Expositio in Psalterium. 1498.
Imperfect: Begins with Prefatio in explanationes Esaie prophete and ends after Prefatio beati Hieronimi in Danielem.
Occasional paragraph marks and underlinings added in red; first initial green; leather over wooden boards; clasps and thongs gone; inscribed inside cover: Monastery B.M.V. guod ex diocaesis Halberstadensis in Huissburgk (?).
Substituted for v. 5 of Omnivm opervm Divi Evsebii Hieronymi Stridonensis.
Safe folio 604.5 H47 v. 5 

Tauler, Johannes, ca. 1300-1361.
Sermon des gross gelarten in gnade erlauchten doctoris Johannis Thauleri predigerr ordens, weisende auff den nehesten waren wegk, yn geiste czu wandern durch uberschwebenden syn, vnour acte von geistes ynnigen vorwandelt i deutsch manchen menschen zu selikeit.
Leipzig: Conrad Kachelofen, 1498.
[8], cclxxxi (i.e., cclxxxij) leaves; 20 cm. (4to)
Page lx repeated; xxvij, liiij, lxiv, clvig, and ccxxvij misnumbered xxij, liij, lxv, clviij, and ccxxvi.
The author of the Historia, wrongly attributed either to Tauler himself or to Nicolaus de Basilea, is Rulman Merswin according to A. Chiquot, Jean Tauler et le 'Meisters-Buoch' (Strassburg, 1922): 27-28. Four of the 84 sermons here assigned to Tauler are by Meister Eckhart.
Imprint from colophon.
Imperfect: leaves A1 and Y3-4 wanting, the latter supplied in 18th- or 19th-century MS; quires K and R exchanged in binding.
Initial spaces, with guide-letters, not filled in; without rubrication. Bound in 19th-century marbled boards; in a board case.
Heavily annotated in the margins in German and Latin.
Safe Z243 Tauler 


Lochmaier, Michael, 15th cent.
Presta[n]tissim sacre theologie.: Necno[n] iuris pontificii doctoris et artium magistri..
[Hagenow]: Imp[re]ssus ac dilige[n]ter reuisus [per] sollerte[m] Henricu[m] Gran.
I[n] im[per]iali oppido Hagenow: expe[n]sis [et] su[m]tib[us] [pro]uidi viri Ioh[ann]is Rymman ..., 1498. xx. die me[n]sis Augusti.
[152] leaves; 19 cm. (4to)
Parochiale curatorum.
Title from recto of leaf [1].
Imprint from colophon (recto of leaf [152]).
Signatures: A-B6a-o8p6q8r6s8.
Printed in double columns.
Capital spaces, with guide letters.
Leaf a1 is blank.
R.B.R. 604.7 L81.4pa 1498

Mayronis, Franciscus de, ca. 1285-ca. 1328.
Sermones de sanctis Francisci Maronis: doctoris theologie illuminatissimi (a deuio pristini exemplaris accuratissime purgati) cum tractatibus subtilissimis: de Baptismo, Angelis, Humilitate, Suffragijs mortuorum, Articulis fidei, Penitentia, Indulgentijs Jeiunio, Corpore christi, Septem donis spiritussa[n]cti, Ultimo iudicio, sup. Pater noster, Magnificat, [et] Missus est. Basel: Jacobus Wolff, de Pforzheim, 1498.
[8], 259 leaves; 21 cm.
Imprint from colophon; date expressed in Latin words.
Printed in double columns, 48 lines to a full column.
Leaves XVI, CXLI, and CCXXXIX skipped; leaf CXLVII misnumbered CXLVIII; 2 leaves numbered CXLIIII.
Francisca Cover inscribed with 'F.S.A.L.'; pages edged with blue; thongs with decorative clasps; a brief handwritten biography of Mayronis on verso of first leaf; under title is handwritten inscription 'Basileae 1498';
Library copy imperfect: lacking leaves 2, 4, 5, 32, 35-42, 85, 92-93, 100-101, 105-110, 154-159.
R.B.R. Z243