Brundage, William Milton

Brundage - full

William Milton Brundage was born on January 12, 1857, in Stone Ridge, New York. He attended Wesleyan University, graduating in 1880 and receiving an AM degree in 1882. He received a PhD from Boston University in 1889. He was ordained a Methodist minister in 1884 and served Methodist churches in Ames, Slingerlands, Gloversville, and Amsterdam in New York State. After two years (from 1893 to January 1895) as minister of Trinity Methodist Church in Albany, New York, he withdrew from the Methodist denomination and was fellowshipped by the Unitarians. He helped to revive the First Unitarian Society in Albany (which had been dormant for nearly 20 years) and served as its minister from March 29, 1895, to December 31, 1904. He served the Third Unitarian Church in Brooklyn, N.Y., from 1905 until his death on August 14, 1921. He was known for his spirited preaching on the application of liberal religion to social problems. [Cabinet card photo (credit: Albany Art Union, Albany, N.Y.): bMS 1446/20]