Catlin, Hasket Derby

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Hasket Derby Catlin was born in New Brighton, New York, on June 26, 1839. He graduated from Yale in 1859. After three years of teaching and study, he entered Yale Divinity School; he graduated in 1865. Although raised as an Episcopalian, he became a Unitarian minister, serving churches in Neponset, Dorchester, Massachusetts (1867-70); Northumberland, Pennsylvania (1873-78); Dublin, New Hampshire (1881-85); Eastport, Maine (1886-96); and Gouverneur, New York (1896-1900). He retired to Northumberland but resumed his pastorate there in 1910, serving the church until his death on June 3, 1917. On October 24, 1910, he was in charge of the rededication of that church as the Joseph Priestly Memorial. [Photo (identified as being from Eastport, Maine): bMS 1446/27]