Chaney, George Leonard

Chaney, George - full

George Leonard Chaney was born in Salem, Massachusetts, on December 24, 1836. He received an AB from Harvard in 1859 and graduated from Meadville Theological School in 1862. He was ordained by the Hollis Street Church in Boston on October 5, 1862, and served that church until September 30, 1877. In 1880-81 he supplied at First Parish in Cambridge. In 1881 he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he founded the Church of Our Father in 1882. He served this church until 1890. From 1890 until his retirement in 1896, he served as southern superintendent of the American Unitarian Association. He died in Salem on April 19, 1922.

In Boston, he was active in the Industrial School Association, and he worked to establish a similar organization in Atlanta. He served on the boards of trustees of Tuskegee Normal Institute and Atlanta University.

For more information, see Heralds of a Liberal Faith, ed. by Samuel A. Eliot. Boston: American Unitarian Association, 1952. Vol. 4, p. 88-90 [Cabinet card photo (credit: C. W. Motes, Atlanta): bMS 1446/27]