First Universalist Church (Rochester, New York)

Rochester, NY

The First Universalist Society of Rochester, New York, was founded in 1846 and erected this church building in 1847. It was remodeled and rededicated in 1871, and it was remodeled and enlarged with a church school annex in 1901. In 1907 the land was sold to the Hotel Seneca Corporation, and the church erected a new building a block away.

For more information, see: Reaching for the Infinite by Mark D. Morrison-Reed, H. Keith Stott, and Roland Bramlet (Rochester: First Universalist Society, 1983); and Centennial Celebration of the First Universalist Church, Rochester, N.Y. (Rochester: First Universalist Church, 1946). [Half of a stereoscope viewcard, dated "before 1880" (credit: C. W. Woodward, Rochester, N.Y.): bMS 902/34 (15)]