RefWorks for Alumni

HDS Alumni may register for a Harvard Alumni RefWorks Account. RefWorks, a web-based bibliographic management tool, enables you to manage research results with greater ease. You can create a personal database of citations by importing records (from library catalogs such as HOLLIS or databases such as ATLAS for ALUM) or by entering information manually. You can then use these citations to generate a formatted bibliography in seconds, insert references automatically into documents composed in Microsoft Word, and share bibliographies with colleagues.

Once you create an individual account on the RefWorks server, you can access your data from anywhere. An excellent collaborative tool, RefWorks is compatible with EndNote, but, unlike EndNote, it does not require special software on your computer.

How to register for a Harvard Alumni RefWorks account:

  1. Please email to get the RefWorks Alumni Group Code.
  2. Go to the RefWorks Login page.
  3. In the Remote Access tab, enter the Alumni Group Code. Click Go to Login.
  4. On the RefWorks User Login for RefWorks Alumni page, click Sign Up for an Individual Account.
  5. Complete the required information, making sure to select Harvard University under Type of User.
  6. Click Register when finished. You will be brought into your new RefWorks account.

Graduating students should register for an alumni account before graduation if they want to copy their citations from their student accounts into their new alumni account. Instructions are available on the  RefWorks for Harvard Alumni page.