Borrowing Policy

There is no limit on the number of items that may be checked out, but common sense is advised. For BTI students, books circulate for 28 days, multimedia items circulate for 3 days, and reserve items circulate for 2 hours. For BTI faculty, there are twice yearly due dates (September 10 and February 10).

All items are subject to recall. Recalled materials must be returned to the library within the new loan period specified on the recall notice. BTI borrowers may recall items circulating to other patrons. To do so, they must request assistance from the circulation staff, in person or by phone (617.495.5788).

Overdue materials will incur fines at the rate of $0.50 per day. Overdue recalls are $2 per day. Overdue reserves are $1 per hour. After two overdue notices are issued, overdue items will be considered lost and a bill will be sent to cover replacement and processing costs. Such a bill will also terminate any remaining borrowing privileges until the bill is settled.

It is the responsibility of all BTI borrowers to report changes of mailing address and email address to the circulation staff (; 617.495.5788).

BTI Special Borrower status applies only at Andover-Harvard Theological Library, and cannot be used at other Harvard libraries. Andover Newton and EDS students and faculty may apply at Widener Library for a Harvard College Library (HCL) Special Borrower card. If the HCL Special Borrower card is obtained first, we can add AHTL privileges to that card.