Persons with Disabilities

The staff of Andover-Harvard Theological Library is committed to meeting the needs of all persons with either permanent or temporary disabilities. Patrons with disabilities should contact the research services staff, at 617.496.AHTL (2485), for an initial interview, with a personal tour and a discussion of how we can help you to use our resources more easily and efficiently. We have tried to anticipate needs in the areas listed below, but will make reasonable accommodations for individual situations.

The staff of the library is available to help students, faculty, and staff with disabilities take full advantage of the library's resources. If the information here does not address your specific situation, please contact the circulation staff, at 617.495.5788, or the research services staff, at 617.496.AHTL (2485) or by email,, to ensure that appropriate services or orientation programs and tours are arranged.