Research Assistance

Photocopying | Literature Searches | Books and Journals at Other Libraries


There are self-service photocopiers available throughout the library. Patrons who cannot operate them should take materials to the circulation desk, and staff will make copies at the self-service rate. There are microform reader-printers on the second floor, in reference, where patrons with disabilities may also obtain staff-assisted copying service at self-service rates. Before asking for assistance, patrons should identify the call number for each book or full bibliographic citation and call number for each journal article to be photocopied.

Literature Searches

The library provides librarian-assisted searching of online resources for patrons who are unable to use resources such as HOLLIS. Use this service to find information about a topic, locate library materials, or to verify bibliographic citations. Make an appointment with research services staff in person on the second floor; by phone, 617.496.AHTL (2485); or by email,

Books and Journals at Other Libraries

The library will obtain books or photocopies of journal articles held at other Harvard and non-Harvard libraries for Harvard Divinity School members who lack full access to those libraries because of a disability. Patrons will pay the usual self-service rates for photocopies. There is no charge for borrowing books. Before submitting requests, patrons should identify the full bibliographic citation for each book or article. Request items in person from access services staff at the circulation desk or by email ( Allow approximately five days for items located in Cambridge and up to two weeks for those at more distant locations.