Special Borrowers

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Special Borrower Status

Library visitors may apply for an Andover-Harvard Theological Library (AHTL) Access card, with which they can enter the library during open hours. (See Special Borrowers and Visitors for information on the AHTL Access card). Researchers not affiliated with Harvard who desire borrowing privileges at the library may apply for Andover-Harvard Theological Library Special Borrower status.

AHTL Special Borrower status is available for a fee: $150 for six months of privileges or $250 for one year. This fee may be waived for Harvard alumni, for BTI faculty and students, and for local clergy (ministers, pastors, priests, rabbis, and others who are engaged in, or retired from, full-time ministry and hold a theological degree). Individuals who obtain Special Borrower status will be provided with an AHTL Access card.

Applications for Special Borrower status should be made Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm (except University holidays); at other times, please call ahead to check on the availability of a circulation supervisor (617.495.5788).

Access to the library and borrowing privileges are granted to a specific individual and may not be transferred or shared. When borrowing privileges expire, access privileges, with the AHTL Access card, may still be available on a renewable basis at not additional charge.

Borrowing Policy

Patrons with AHTL Special Borrower status must present the AHTL Access card to the circulation staff in order to borrow any materials.

A patron with AHTL Special Borrower status may have up to ten circulating items on loan at any time. Books circulate for 28 days. Multimedia items circulate for three days. Reserve items circulate for two hours.

Notices are sent as a courtesy. All borrowers are responsible for overdue and lost items even if these notices are not received.

All items are subject to recall. Recalled materials must be returned to the library within the new loan period specified on the recall notice. AHTL Special Borrowers (except BTI affiliates) are not eligible to recall items circulating to other patrons.

Overdue fines are assessed at the rate of $0.50 per day. Overdue recalled materials are $2 per day. Overdue reserves materials are $1 per hour. After two overdue notices are issued, overdue items will be considered lost and a bill will be sent to cover replacement and processing costs. Such a bill will terminate any remaining borrowing privileges until the bill is settled.

It is the responsibility of all AHTL Special Borrowers to report changes of mailing address and email address to the circulation staff (circulation@hds.harvard.edu; 617.495.5788).

The AHTL Special Borrower status applies only to Andover-Harvard Theological Library, and cannot be used at other Harvard libraries.

Book Renewals

Circulating items may be renewed up to five times. Items can be renewed by providing library staff with your user ID number and the barcode numbers on those items, using any of the following methods:

  • Email the circulation staff
  • Phone the circulation desk: 617.495.5788
  • Bring the items to the circulation desk during open hours

You should receive an email confirmation of renewals within three working days. You are responsible for the overdue fines that accrue between the due date and the renewal date. After the fifth renewal, each item must be brought back to the circulation desk. At that time, it may be possible to renew the items again.