Digitized Periodicals

Some periodicals were scanned by Google and are available in Hathi Trust.

The Making of America Project of the Cornell University Library provides access to The North American Review and a short list of other periodicals that published articles by Unitarian and Universalist authors. Access is free to all.

American Periodicals 1740-1900 provides access to the extensive list of Unitarian and Universalist periodicals listed below. This resource is available within the Harvard libraries; outside the libraries with a valid Harvard ID and PIN; and in the libraries of many other U.S. colleges and universities. To search within a particular title, choose the 'Search for Periodicals' option on the home page and search for the periodical title first.

Unitarian Periodicals Available Through American Periodicals

Christian Disciple, 1813-1818.
The Christian Disciple and Theological Review, 1819-1823.
Christian Examiner, 1857-1869.
Christian Examiner and General Review, 1829-1844.
Christian Examiner and Religious Miscellany, 1844-1857.
Christian Examiner and Theological Review, 1824-1828.
Christian Register, 1821-1835.
Christian Register and Boston Observer, 1835-1843.
Christian Register, 1843-1850.
The Dial: a Magazine for Literature, Philosophy, and Religion, 1840-1844.
The Liberal Christian, 1823-1824.
The Monthly Miscellany of Religion and Letters, 1839-1843.
The Monthly Religious Magazine, 1844-1856.
The Monthly Religious Magazine, 1861-1869.
The Monthly Religious Magazine and Independent Journal, 1856-1861.
The Monthly Religious Magazine and Theological Review, 1844-1874.
The Monthly Review and Religious Magazine, 1870-1870.
The New World; a Quarterly Review of Religion, Ethics and Theology, 1892-1900.
The North American Review, 1821-1940.
The North American Review and Miscellaneous Journal, 1815-1821.
Old and New, 1870-1875.
The Radical, 1865-1872.
The Religious Magazine and Monthly Review, 1870-1873.
The Unitarian Defendant, 1822-1822.
The Unitarian Miscellany and Christian Monitor, 1821-1824.
The Unitarian Review and Religious Magazine, 1874-1886.
The Unitarian Review, 1874-1891.
Unitarian: Devoted to the Statement, Explanation, and Defence of the Principles of Unitarian Christianity, 1827-1828.
The Western Messenger Devoted to Religion, Life, and Literature, 1835-1841.


Universalist Periodicals  Available Through American Periodicals

Berean, or Scripture-Searcher, 1802-1810.
The Candid Examiner, 1826-1827.
Christian Intelligencer, 1821-1827.
Christian Intelligencer and Eastern Chronicle, 1827-1836.
The Christian Messenger, Devoted to Doctrine, Religion, and Morality, 1819-1821.
The Christian Telescope and Universalist Miscellany, 1824-1828
Evangelical Magazine and Gospel Advocate, 1830-1848.
Evangelical Magazine: Devoted to Theoretical and Practical Religion, Free Inquiry, 1829.
The Evangelical Repertory, 1823-1824
Evangelical Repository, 1827-1828.
The Expositor and Universalist Review, 1833-1840.
The Free Universal Magazine, 1793.
The Gazetter, 1824.
Gospel Advocate and Impartial Investigator, 1823-1829.
The Gospel Herald, 1820-1829.
The Gospel Inquirer, 1823-1824.
The Gospel Visitant, Being Principally Original Tracts on Moral and Religious Subjects, 1811-1818.
The Herald of Life and Immortality, 1819-1820.
Herald of Salvation, 1822-1825.
The Messenger of Peace, Devoted to Doctrine, Religion, and Morality, 1824-1825.
The Philadelphia Universalist Magazine and Christian Messenger, Devoted to Doctrine, Religion, and Morality, 1821-1823.
The Religious Inquirer. Published by an Association of Gentlemen, Containing Doctrinal, Controversial, Historical, and Practical Matter, and Articles of Religious Intelligence and Miscellany, 1821-1825.
The Rochester Magazine, and Theological Review, Consisting of Essays, Extracts, Reviews, and Biblical Criticisms, 1824.
Trumpet and Universalist Magazine, 1828-1851.
Universalist Expositor, 1830-1832.
Universalist Magazine, 1819-1828.
The Universalist Quarterly and General Review, 1844-1891.
Universalist Watchman, Repository and Chronicle, 1820-1847.
The Universalist, Consisting of Essays, Lectures, Extracts and Miscellaneous Pieces; Tending to Explain and Defend the Doctrine of Modern Universalism, 1825-1826.
Utica Evangelical Magazine: Devoted to Theoretical and Practical Religion, Free Inquiry, Religious Liberty and Intelligence, 1828-1829.