E-Books and E-Texts

Islamic Heritage Project

A digital collection of Islamic manuscripts, published texts, and maps from across Harvard's libraries and museums.

Project Muse

Full-text versions of scholarly journals and books from many of the world's leading universities and scholarly societies.

Religions of America

Primary sources related to selected American religious movements, including Pentecostalism,  Mormonism, New Thought, Neopagan religions. It also provides robust coverage of New Age, Wicca, neo-Christian movements (Adventism, Christian Science), and Christian Identity and Fundamentalist movements

Maʾagarim: Historical dictionary of the Academy of the Hebrew Language

The Historical Dictionary Project has accumulated texts of all the extant Hebrew compositions from the time of the canonization of the Hebrew Bible until the end of the Geonic period, and large selections of Hebrew literature from the mid-18-th century until the founding of the State of Israel. In recent years medieval compositions have begun to be processed into the database. It is the product of more than fifty years of scholarly work by experts in Hebrew linguistics, literature and other Judaic Studies.... Read more about Maʾagarim: Historical dictionary of the Academy of the Hebrew Language

Muslims in Russia Online

This collection of 11 works by and about Muslims in Russia, in the Russian language,introduces the uniquely varied and poorly explored Russian Muslim population during one of the most dynamic periods of their history (1861-1918). Materials published in Russia both at the center and on the...

Read more about Muslims in Russia Online