Analecta hymnica Medii Aevi

The "Analecta hymnica Medii Aevi" series was originally published from 1886 to 1922 in 55 volumes by Guido Maria Dreves, with the cooperation of Clemens Blume and Henry M. Bannister. The series provides the most extensive collection and history of medieval Latin hymns of the Catholic Church, 500-1400. This electronic edition contains both the searchable full text of the hymns and their page-image facsimiles (with over 16,000 scans), as well as the corresponding bibliographic references to manuscripts and prints. The database may also be searched by author and title, as well as browsed by volume, including the tables of contents and registers.

The original print edition of 1886-1925 of the Analecta hymnica Medii Aevi is available at HOLLIS 004617196, as is the reprint edition of 1961 at HOLLIS 002215060.