Anthropology Plus

Anthropology Plus is a joint interface for searching Anthropological Literature and Anthropological Index, each of which is individually accessible from All Harvard Databases. Anthropological Literature indexes periodical articles and articles from edited books from the Tozzer Library of Harvard College Library. Anthropological Index is produced by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, from journals received by the Anthropology Library of the British Museum. Both indexes cover the top several tiers of anthropology journals, so many duplicate records will be retrieved. Each index uses different indexing terms, however, so duplicate records will each provide different links to related articles. Each index covers journals that the other does not, with a hemispheric bias in each case. There are over 800,000 citations in Anthropology Plus, with over 500,000 from Anthropological Literature and over 300,000 from Anthropological Index.

Subject matter coverage in the fields of social, cultural, physical, biological and linguistic anthropology; ethnology, archaeology, folklore and material culture; and interdisciplinary studies. Beyond these disciplines, researchers and scholars in art history, demography, economics, genetics, geography, geology, history, psychology, religion, or sociology will all find relevant anthropological material.

Dates: Anthropological Literature: Mid-19th century to present. Anthropological Index: 1957 to present.