Benton, Herbert Elmon

Benton, Herbert - full

Herbert Elmon Benton was born on July 7, 1872, in Vinton, Iowa. He attended Tufts College, receiving an AB degree in 1894 and BD and AM degrees in 1897. He was ordained on June 14, 1897, at Tufts. He served Universalist churches in Derby Line, Vermont (1897-1900), Little Falls, New York (1900-04), Riverside, California (1904-09), Stamford, Connecticut (1909-14), Lowell, Massachusetts (1915-20), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Church of the Messiah, 1920-48), and Stafford, Connecticut (1948-54). He was active in denominational affairs and served on committees of the Federal Council of Churches in the 1930s. He received an honorary STB from Tufts in 1925. He died in Hartford, Conn., on February 22, 1964. [Cabinet card photo (credit: Purdy, Boston, Mass.): bMS 900/4 (26)]