M.Div. Senior Paper FAQ

We offer tools for each stage of research and writing as you work on your M.Div. Senior Seminar paper or Capstone paper:

Do Research

Use these links to explore our resources:

Or, work with a librarian. You will learn how to navigate the entire information landscape, including media, texts, data, maps, images, and archival material.



  • A Guide to Writing in Religious Studies (PDF) was created by Harvard University faculty.
  • The Craft of Research (print only) guides you through the process of turning a topic into a research paper.
  • Formatting questions can be answered by your advisor.
  • Beginning with 2020, papers will be available in DASH, Harvard's online open access repository.Papers from 1984 to 2019 are available in the library
  • Senior seminar papers and capstone papers will be accepted for deposit in DASH, Harvard's online open access repository. Instructors will provide link to instructions and DASH deposit form. Questions regarding the instructions and the DASH deposit form may be directed to HDS librarians.

Also see Learning Support at HDS from the HDS Office of Student Life.