Harvard Library is the largest academic library in the world, and its collections for the study of religion and related fields are broad, deep, and richly diverse. Those collections, coupled with a worldwide network of collaborative partnerships and a rapidly growing body of digital resources, ensure that Harvard scholars have enviable access to what they need to support their work.

Religion Collections

Religion Collections at Harvard

Harvard Divinity School Library, Widener Library, and more . . .

Collection Strengths

HDS Library Collection Strengths

Building on a long historical legacy . . .

Special Collections

Special Collections

Open to all researchers interested in Special Collections materials and services.

Unitarian Universalist

Unitarian Universalist Resources

A national repository and library of record for Unitarian Universalism . . .

Digital Projects

Digital Projects

Making important resources more visible and accessible . . .

Beyond Harvard

Beyond Harvard

A world of knowledge at your fingertips . . .