All Souls Church (Lincoln, Nebraska)

All Souls Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, began as a Universalist church in 1870. A wooden chapel was dedicated in 1872. The Rev. James Gorton served as minister until 1874, and the Rev. Eben H. Chapin served from 1883 to 1896. Its second building was dedicated Sept. 24, 1893. Because of financial difficulties in the late 1890s, the congregation sought the assistance of the American Unitarian Association after the resignation of Chapin. On May 27, 1898, the church became All Souls Unitarian Church. The Rev. J. Lewis Marsh was the first settled Unitarian minister (1899-1908).

For more information, see: A History of All Souls Unitarian Church, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1898-1948: 50th Anniversary. [Photo showing the sanctuary and memorial windows in the second church building. This is one of four mounted photos of the interior of the church building cut out to surround a mounted photo of the exterior: bMS 15001/5]