Regional and Other Organizations

First group at Ferry Beach, 1901.
First group at Ferry Beach, 1901.

Given the changing and sometimes ephemeral nature of regional and other organizations, it is difficult to summarize the library's holdings. Nevertheless, the library has attempted to collect directories, newsletters, and other publications and to catalog and preserve them. To locate serial material, refine your search in HOLLIS Classic by Format: Journal / Serial; if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact a research librarian.

The amount of regional archival materials varies greatly.

  • For historical Universalist materials, the state conventions of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Ohio are well represented in the collection; see the list of regional Universalist institutional records for these and other groups.
  • For historical Unitarian materials, the groups are almost exclusively from New England; see the list of regional Unitarian institutional records for greater detail. Information about regional groups may be scattered in various collection.
  • Especially impressive is the amount of material on Ferry Beach, not only in the Ferry Beach Park archives (bMS 146, bMS 489, bMS 522) but throughout the personal papers of Universalists in the twentieth century.