Classic Sermon Index

The Classic Sermon Index catalogs over 40,000 sermons from ancient to contemporary times.  All sermons are in English or English translation. Each sermon is cataloged according to its principal text (e.g., John 3:16), author, book title, and page number within the book that contains it. Many sermons are from historically significant public executions, funerals, and coronations. These include spoken sermons from the funerals of George Washington and King George III. Many topical sermons about dueling, slavery, the Boston Tea Party, and other period specific issues are also indexed. Nearly 75% of the sermons are hyperlinked to online copies. Sermons indexed are by liberals and conservatives, ancient preachers and modern, Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant men and women. It allows the researcher to find quickly some of the greatest sermonic material in existence. The database includes a bibliography of the works indexed with full bibliographic information. Also included are brief biographical sketches of the various preachers, allowing for chronological searches (e.g., sermons on baptism preached before AD 500). The index is being added to almost daily.