Harvard Theological Review

HDS Dean's Report, 1903/04: "An interesting incident of the year assures to the Divinity School the perpetuation of the happy memory and profound influence of Dean Everett. By the will of his daughter, Miss Mildred Everett, it is provided that, after certain life interests are discharged, the residue of her estate shall be held by trustees, who shall apply the income to 'the establishment and maintenance of an undenominational Theological Review, to be edited under the direction of the Faculty of the Divinity school,' in order to carry out a plan, as the will states, which was suggested by her father. The income at present available of this bequest is insufficient to justify the establishment of a review, but it is the intention of the Faculty to begin in 1905 a more modest journal of theological inquiry, and the amount which will be finally received will permit the enlargement and perpetuity of a dignified journal."

HDS Dean's Report, 1907/08: "The first number of the Harvard Theological Review appeared in January, 1908. This Review ... is conducted by a Committee of the Faculty consisting of Professors G. F. Moore, Fenn, and Ropes. The Review has now a paid circulation of 800 copies, and its quarterly issues have contained articles of exceptional theological significance."

The first issue of the Review was published by Macmillan Company. Its contents included:

  • "The Call to Theology" by Francis G. Peabody (Harvard)
  • "Modern Ideas of God" by Arthur C. McGiffert (Union Theological Seminary)
  • "Is Our Protestantism Still Protestant" by William Adams Brown (Union Theological Seminary)"A Turning Point in Synoptic Criticism" by Benjamin W. Bacon (Yale)
  • "Recent Excavations in Palestine" by David G. Lyon (Harvard)
  • "The Economic Basis of the Problem of Evil" by Thomas N. Carver (Harvard)
  • "The Divine Providence" by Charles F. Dole