Reflections of Public Ministry at Harvard Divinity School

An Exhibit of Manuscripts and Special Collections at Andover-Harvard Theological Library

The original exhibit, which opened March 11, 1999, was designed and arranged by Tim Driscoll, formerly of the Manuscripts and Archives Office of Andover-Harvard Theological Library, with the cooperative assistance of the Librarian and Public Services Office of Andover-Harvard Theological Library and the Information Technology Services Office of Harvard Divinity School. Special thanks to the following members of the community for their contributed talents and efforts: Doris Freitag, Wolfgang Freitag, Tom Jenkins, Charles Willard, Molly Ruggles, and Mark Russell.

A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation created by Molly Ruggles with the assistance of Gloria Korsman, Drew Daley, Ben Rota, Jon Stokes, Jian-Tong Xia, Heather Reid, Sara Smolik, and Tim Driscoll accompanied the exhibit. This web version of the exhibit was created by Clifford Wunderlich from the PowerPoint presentation.

For more information about the exhibit or about the manuscripts and archives collections at Andover-Harvard Theological Library, please contact the Manuscripts and Archives Department at, 617.496.5153 or 617.384.7904.