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Unitarian Universalist Congregational Records

These are the records of Unitarian and Universalist congregations in the United States and Canada. Collections containing the records of more than one congregation are listed first, then national congregations, then the records of individual congregations in the U.S. and Canada. Church-related records may also be found in the regional and district records of the AUA, UUA, and UCA and in records such as...

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Harvard Divinity School Records

The official records of Harvard Divinity School are found in the Harvard University Archives. This collection includes some of the more informal records of the school, such as photographs, films, audio and videocassettes, posters and brochures. We also have some of the records of the Society for Promoting Theological Education, which was founded in 1816 to foster the study of theology at Harvard University. The papers of Harvard Divinity School faculty members are found in the category of...

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