Special Borrowers and Visitors

Andover-Harvard Theological Library primarily serves the students, faculty, and staff of Harvard Divinity School. It is open to all faculty, students, and staff of Harvard University and to those of any school affiliated with the Boston Theological Institute. 

We welcome visitors with legitimate research needs to consult our collections. 

Users with a valid Harvard ID card or a Harvard College Library (HCL) Special Borrower card, as well as users with Andover-Harvard Theological Library Special Borrower status who have an AHTL Access card, may enter the library by swiping their cards in the turnstile gates. All other visitors will need to wait for the circulation staff to open the gates and will be asked to sign our visitor log and provide a photo ID. Regular visitors may wish to apply for an AHTL Access card. The card has a one-time fee of $10, is valid for one year, and is renewable. Applications are available at the circulation desk, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (except University holidays). To check out materials, you must have a valid Harvard ID or hold AHTL Special Borrower status.

Directions to the Library